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Now this a personal resource in my eyes right now.

The story is when on the eve of turning in project 2 on font mannerisms, the class had to turn in a paper copy top coiled bound and a off to their blog. Now I didn’t know how to coil bound nor did I have time to learn in one day. In midst of all this, the teacher prescribed various locations to complete the job: one of those places was Kinkos.

Monday morning, I went down to there to complete the project and told them what I desired. The job costs about five dollars with change. By the time I got back to the shop with the nessacary change, the job was finished and the customer I.e me was very pleased.

I recommend this because if you’re ever in need to get something binded or anything else and want to spend a few extra, come by and tell them what to want.

For more information, click here



Resource-Open Lab at Wayne State

If you are already a graphic design student trying to find a place to work on assignments or projects, then you should know about open lab.

Held on the second floor of Old Main room 3117, the lab hours can vary based on the semester and upcoming holiday weekend. Still, these are times that you can make the best of when at need with a project.

Fall Semester

M-Th, 9 am – 9 pm

(closed 11:30-12:30 on Tuesdays)

F, 9:30 am – 6 pm

Sa, 9:30 am – 5 pm

Su, closed

Resource-2016 AGIA Design Conference 

The time has come and it couldn’t be better.

The 2016 AGIA Design Conference is here and they’re looking for applicants.

“The AIGA Design Conference is the biggest event of the year for creatives from all across the country. Be there as the design community comes together for provocative speakers, nightly networking receptions, live competitions, exhilarating exhibitions, innovative professional development sessions, and face-to-face roundtables with your design heroes.”

If you feel like registering for the time of your life, click the link below.

Conference Time

Resource-Professional Development

Looking back to the AIGA site, I’ve found out that it had a professional development page. Pretty useful, huh?

According to the page, “AIGA members have opportunities to learn new skills, get advice on pressing career questions, hear insights from industry leaders, and learn how to manage more effectively.”

It’s a resource I’ll definitely use in the near future, but right now I’ll just broadcast it to the world I.e my followers.

Professional Development


Resource-Jack Kirby Museum 

A little follow up from the Jack Kirby inspiration post.

“The Jack Kirby Museum and Research Center is organized exclusively for educational purposes; more specifically, to promote and encourage the study, understanding, preservation and appreciation of the work of Jack Kirby by:

illustrating the scope of Kirby’s multi-faceted career, communicating the stories, inspirations and influences of Jack Kirby, celebrating the life of Jack Kirby and his creations, and building understanding of comicbooks and comicbook creators.

To this end, the Museum will sponsor and otherwise support study, teaching, conferences, discussion groups, exhibitions, displays, publications and cinematic, theatrical or multimedia productions.”

This would be one of my stops if ever in the New York area.

They also have a blog for current events and certain published artists. To learn more, clock here to fill your mind.

J.K Museum


“The College for Creative Studies (CCS) is a nonprofit, private college authorized by the Michigan Education Department to grant Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. CCS, located in midtown Detroit, strives to provide students with the tools needed for successful careers in the dynamic and growing creative industries. CCS fosters students’ resolve to pursue excellence, act ethically, engage their responsibilities as citizens, and learn throughout their lives. With world-class faculty and unsurpassed facilities, students learn to be visual communicators who actively use art and design toward the betterment of society. The College is a major supplier of talent to numerous industries, such as transportation, film and animation, advertising and communications, consumer electronics, athletic apparel, and many more. Its graduates are exhibiting artists and teachers, design problem solvers and innovators, as well as creative leaders in business.”

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of visiting and learning there when I was eleven. Since then, I’ve never looked back and I’m still in graphic design for the years to come. 

For more information on your given visual art major, visit and just look at what they have to offer weather you apply or not.

 College of Creative Studies


Resource-Blick Art Studio

There’s a common saying amongst artists alike: “you’re only as good as your tools”.

In this case, you’ll probably need to stock up for the future.

At a nearby Blick art shop, I can pick up what I can for any project with the help of their fine staff that have a genuine basis on what to get. The best thing about this is that is my wallet never emptied because all their supplies from sketchbooks to an 11 X 15 canvas are affordable for the average college student like myself.

For more info or looking into purchasing for a certain class, follow the link on the bottom.

I swear you won’t be disappointed!———————-> Dick Blick Art Materials

Resource- Twenty and More Reasons

This quote says it best;

“Being a graphic designer takes a unique mix of creativity, skill, patience, excellent communication, and a touch of business savvy, all of which need constant nurturing to stay sharp. Whether you’re checking out blogs for inspiration, watching tutorial videos to learn new shortcuts, or reading up on your favorite design movements, design resources are vital to a thriving career in the field.”

-click on the link below to find out more-

20 Online Resources


Resource-Art Institute

One of the many college that I’ve looked into is the Art Institute of Detroit, Michigan.


“Our degree programs in the areas of Design, Media Arts, Fashion, and Culinary help you focus your talents and explore what you’re passionate about. In our collaborative environment, our instructors will guide and mentor you as we help you build the skills you need to start your creative career.”

If you want to learn more, click on the link below.

Art Institute of Detroit

Resources-National Programs

Aside from the AIGA, There are many other programs that beckon for some good graphic designers and their skill. From these programs, local groups through AIGA chapters submit their work to which program they prefer. These includes design lectures, portfolio reviews, networking sessions, competitions, exhibitions, and studio tours provided for each program.

If you want to learn more, click here

National Programs