About Me+Class Mission


Hello, I’m Marcel Smith and I’m currently a third year student at Wayne with a major in Graphic Design. I fell in love with the course from an early age of eight when I made my first comic strip for my family. My grandma still has that strip along with the written script and rough draft at her house. I took it as an accomplishment and wanted to see how far I wanted to take it. It soon escalated to full size books to creating my own characters to creating my own “brand” for the family. And now I find myself in high school then on to college trying to graduate on the one thing I love. I guess that’s what been driving me for the last thirteen years: to create something that everyone likes and what I can be proud of.

My favorite things are generic.

I love pizza, Netflix, money, Canada, architecture design and Nike

P.S- my favorite typeface/font is phosphorus inline and solid.


1. What do you hope to learn in Typography?

I wish to learn how manipulate or a certain typeface that can be beneficial in my line of work which is illustrations, advertising or comics.

2. What are your goals for Type 1?

To be able to pass the class (obviously!) and also to escape with something the professor taught me.

3. What do you plan to achieve your goals?

Anything that’s necessary to complete the task. (I.e. ask help from teacher or classmates, YouTube tutorials, etc.)


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