Inspiration- Jack Kirby

Inspiration- Jack Kirby

I couldn’t go on this semester by talking about Stan Lee in one post and not talk about Jack Kirby in another, that would be a crime against humanity.
He had the opportunity to work Marvel and DC Comics in the 70s while creating some well-known characters like Captain America, The New Gods and any other that left their mark in the world. Along with editor-writer Stan Lee, the two made comics known at Timely, now Marvel, by creating some of the most popular characters to hit the shelves. He died February 16, 1994, leaving a legacy we dare not soon forget.

He’s relatable cause his work suggests to look outside the box and venture out into the unknown. To me, that what makes a good impression; wondering what would happen if this was replaced with that to get an unknown result. I guess that’s what I’m aiming for right now in graphic design. So thank you Kirby for filling my mind with wonder and opportunity,


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