Reflection-Project 3: Constrained Systems

In this project, I was assigned to design and apply a modular system for a connotation of the word by using a simple shape i.e squares or circles.


I was assigned magnification and oppressive to work with throughout the project. Now before doing any attempts on what I’m doing, the words and using their synonyms seemed to be the most appropriate way to go.  Brainstorming the definitions really helped to rough out the direction I was going with my sketches. For example, magnification can either increase, enlarge or enhance certain qualities while oppression can use pressure and abuse which branches out to numerous words to define like break, shatter, strip, tear, shred, bend and to ruin those same qualities. Here’s my sketches to clarify:

Now the hardest part was to put the sketches to use in a modular system. There couldn’t be any cutting and morphing, It was just a basic shape to be used. So I thought instead of altering the shape, why not change the placement.  Not to mention the emphasis placed on the word with it’s given connotation.  The only way to go with this is to devise a process and error situation where every connotation is use in an alphabetical system. Which ever one didn’t correspond with the given criteria were immediately deleted. The end result was three remaining systems for both words no one image was alike.


By the end of last Monday, just one system from each word was chosen for the final critique to put into context which was the most easiest part. Supported by the sketches and connotations, the project went without a hitch while figuring out how the negative space could enhance or take away from the word. The answer was applied to Oppressive, it only made sense to do so.


The end result was a completed constrained system for each word and their given connotations.

Final Project (Constrained SystemS)


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