Typographers for Designers- Fountain

This next typeface might be the most complex to understand right now, but it makes for a great piece to write on.

Foundry Summary:

“Fountain is an independent, friendly digital type foundry, owned and operated by Peter Bruhn. Our aim is to provide discerning clients with modern, well-crafted typefaces guaranteed to meet the most stringent requirements of aesthetics, legibility and originality.

To clients in need of a uniquely different visual identity, we offer custom typeface design, as well as improvement and adaptation of existing typefaces.”

“To designers looking for distinctive, fresh, contemporary typefaces, we offer a catalogue of original fonts available for on-line purchase.The history of Fountain began in Malmö, Sweden in 1993. Complementing his work as a creative director, Peter Bruhn formed his own company with the intention of creating distinctive typefaces within their own right. Those distinctive qualities were soon discovered internationally, and quickly found use in magazines, advertising, corporate identities, and other creative works.”

Type Summary:

“Robotron is a headline font mixing art-deco elements and the bitmap look and feel to something special, that could have been used in the Flash Gordon show.” –Dirk Uhlenbrock

My Description

It does have some kind of nostalgia about those old 60’s space or futuristic TV programs my grandma would watch, but other than that I find no connection with this type than age old nostalgia.






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