Typographers for Designers-LettError

Sorry for the delay, but once again I travel back to good old America to find some great typefaces; Courtesy of LettError.

Story of LettError

“We draw type, small and tall for web and print. Some fonts are licensed by House Industries and FontFont. Some fonts are available right here. We design stuff, build tools for designers and do research. Occasionally illustration and animation. We’ve been in business since 1989.”

Summary-FF Trixie

“Trixie was conceived when we figured out a way to digitize rough  unsmooth shapes and put them in fonts. A beta version of PhotoShop, Fontographer, a 300 dpi SCSI scanner and Adobe Streamline. This happened during the height of the Bezier regime: letters were getting smoother all the time, there was a need to roughen the world of typography a bit. Trixie was taken from a typed sample from a typewriter owned by a friend in Berlin, Beatrix Günther, or Trixie for short.

The sample was digitised, and two weights were derived from the original scans. Then a lot of tweaking and editing: in those days printers would choke on fonts larger than 40K. The rough outlines consist of many points and it was necessary to take out a fair number of them, but leaving the impression of roughness in tact.”

My Description

I would definitely use this typeface for suspense and/or mystery novel covers or content, but the use in programs like Illustrator or Indesign still alludes me. Just my opinion, this would be great for paperback books not for advertisement or business uses. Again I could be wrong.

IMG_1028 IMG_1029 IMG_1030





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