Reflection-Project 2

Process(Mission): The goal was to examine a specific font in detail by analyzing, hand-setting, characterizing by patterns/variations and design.

Type of Font: Garamond Regular, Italic, Medium and Bold


Overall, the process took a little longer to complete but came out with a near-satisfying project. I came into this project knowing nothing about font or the anatomy it consists of nor did i even care about it. I just thought type was type, no matter what kind it is. Then going through part two where we highlighted our typeface’s anatomy and measurement, I learned how different a single glyph can be even if it’s the letter A, asterisk or a question mark at the end of a sentence. Despite all this, the most difficult part of the project was especially part two.  Not the labeling but trying to visualize and compose certain letters with their parts at works of art. The reason for this is that the way that some colors that were use to highlight parts were far too distracting to quote some nearby students. In my own defense, it would have been efficient to choose just one color throughout the entire work, but I wanted to add a little more without worrying about how it would effect the entire piece. As the critique went on, it didn’t go as planned with the masses. But with every negative there’s a positive and that positive was part three. This was extremely easy to do because all that had to be done was to create expressive compositions or connotations for a given word. This allowed me to express the image with color, text-size and stroke, things you couldn’t do with parts one and two. Still, this entire project helped my understanding with how font and typefaces work. No matter what kind, each font has a specific anatomy that can be easily detailed and classified.



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