Typographers for Designers-Underware

For this entry, we’re going all the way to a Europe design collective to discuss fonts.

Established in 1999 by Akiem Helmling, Bas Jacobs and Sami Kortemaki, Underware (yes, that’s it’s name) has been designing typefaces and fonts for more than ten years. In that duration, they’ve also run a type radio station and conducted type workshops in Amsterdam and Den Haag.

As I looked on their site, it was once again hard to choose on a single type among all those present. But that lasted a quick two minutes and all I had to do was “trust the brush”.


“Bello is a brush typeface for headline point sizes – it’s big & beautiful! Bello comes in 2 different styles: script & all caps. To create a fluent brush-look, many ligatures have been implemented. They guarantee expressive but coherent texts which specially works well in large display sizes.

As the capitals in a script typeface like Bello are very swashy, they won’t combine well. Sometimes a text needs to be set all in capitals. For this purpose a different style has been created which shares the same feeling: Bello Caps.

Bello Words contains 62 pre-designed common English words. Their shadow can also be set in a different color by using a smart OpenType-feature.”

My Description:

This font reminds me of some of the oldie 60’s-70’s commercial ads that were being shown. Also, in my opinion even though we live in a digital world consumed in InDesign and Illustrator, this font is proof that brushstrokes and what they create are still effective today. Plus, it looks great on t-shirts (brownie points).





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