Typographers for Designers-Typotheque

Now this post is special on a digital perspective.


“Elementar was designed to bring more typographic flexibility to digital screens. It increases the available range of possibilities by exploring the pixel grid systematically using combinations of basic parameters. This parametric approach enables the generation of thousands of single fonts in different styles, heights, weights, widths, element shapes etc.”

“Elementar font names include their coordinates in relation to the parametric variation space, expressing their multi-dimensional nature in the conventional ‘family name’ + ‘style name’ format. Elementar styles are mapped to the family names, while height, weight and width are combined to form the style name.”

My Description:

I can see this mostly on those 8-bit Nintendo games that my parents love so dearly or if a client has some tech/digital theme they want for an advertisement. I find this font kind of fun  to use someday and yet feel some kind of nostalgia from my 1994 background, not that that’s a bad thing to have. All in all,

It’s a font that can be used both comically and seriously in the business of graphic design.





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