Reflection-Project 1


I assigned myself the first six letters of the alphabet only to find out i couldn’t use any type or designed text from other sources.

In short, I’m screwed

But it came much more easier than I expected when find letters in unknown places. Knowing that i couldn’t travel far or waste any time, I decided to use ordinary objects around campus. The search for the “A”,”C”,”D”,”E” and “F” all came from within a five to ten mile radius with my dorm room smack dab in the epicenter, but of course it came with its bumps and swerves. That being said, I couldn’t find the “B” in time and all my images for that letter were either in low-definition with Photoshop or just plain blurry or atrocious in quality. For that I alerted the group who kept in touch by sending their own pics and giving out opinions at the same time by text.  One of them had taken a picture of their dashboard that looked similar to “B”. Crisis averted.

During class, the rest of the group came together for progress report for the rest of the day. Only to find out on of my letters,”C”, was all scattered pixels therefore the image was unrecognizable. I had to take it over again which I did before the first five minutes of class started. Hooray.


The end result was to have a full twenty-six letters with four symbols included by Monday afternoon. my group was third to go and ended with mixed but favorable reviews with a couple of suggestions for the professor himself. The main objective was to create a alphabet that was elaborate and had a flow to each letter made. Safe to say with a few tweaks to some images, the group successfully accomplished the goal.


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