Typography for Designers-Alice Savoie

Typography for Designers-Alice Savoie

I visited one typographer’s site for a reference on what to expect from the class. Ironically, that site was the first on the list so what the heck?

At frenchtype.org, Savoie designed a couple of typefaces from previous and current works. To me, all of them were great and all, but there was on that immediately caught my eye.

Two words: Fred Fredburger


“The Fred Fredburger family was conceived by Monotype as a custom design for the identity of a children’s TV channel. Conceived to be fun, friendly and adventurous, Fred Fredburger is a distinctive family of five styles. The Headline versions are conceived to be visually striking and appealing to children, while the Roman, Bold and Condensed weights are a touch quieter in order to be comfortable to read at text sizes. All five weights are also designed to work harmoniously across five different scripts: Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew (designed by Alice Savoie) and Arabic (designed by Patrick Giasson).”

My Description

I guess this brought out the child in me when i first looked at it. And judging by the amount of typefaces use to create it i like the end result. It’s easily recognizable with other logos and types like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network for example. I also like the headline shadow and headline black style because it makes it pop out and grab your attention like most most title cartoons themselves should do.

Not only do I love this typeface, but would definitely use it for future projects and assignments.





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