Month: September 2015

Research- The Logo Business

Now personally this portrays into my area of expertise.

In this article, it tells you how to research a client’s logo or design idea and provide them with a finished product beneficial to your creative process as well as a perfect idea for other clients in the future.

I’ve speed read this thing over five times and admittedly find a lot of truth to what they’re saying.

If you’re smart, you’ll read it to and take some information out of it.

Logo Design: Conducting Preliminary Research


Resources-Books Galore

Another resource gift from the people of Design Observer.

Now some of these are for understanding graphic design, getting interior design or just simply for entertainment. But the end result is a good read.

Curb your enthusiasm, you might be surprised on what you find.

Books, Manuals or Just Plain Fun

Typographers for Designers- Jonathon Barnbrook

Leave it the British to one up American typefaces.

That’s what Barnbrook did on his site, Virusfonts. The difficult thing was choosing which typeface that was amongst my favorite or most hated cause it was so packed and detailed. To the result I didn’t even try to write this post. So when in doubt, close your eyes and randomly click an area that’s hopefully not the close button and go from there. Fortunately, I came away with this beautiful typeface to post from.


“The DejaVu fonts are a font family based on the Vera Fonts. Its purpose is to provide a wider range of characters while maintaining the original look and feel through the process of collaborative development.”

“The Virus DejaVu project was conceived as a key element of the design for the visual identities for the Ukrainian cultural centre, Mystetskyi Arsenal and the first Kyiv Biennale of contemporary art, Arsenale 2012. Barnbrook’s decision to develop a pre-existing open source font project as the typographic bedrock of these visual identities was an active acknowledgement of contemporary developments in digital technology and creative online communities. An approach that placed the notion of collaboration ahead of refined aesthetics.”

My Description

I personally enjoy looking at this font. I mean the title itself speaks European or European-based locations. Now it did seem a little boring the first time I looked at it, so I had to see full sentences and paragraphs to convince me otherwise. Now I’m not fully convinced that this is the font or typeface that blows my mind, but it’s definitely one I’ll come to respect when applied by other means.


Reflection-Project 1


I assigned myself the first six letters of the alphabet only to find out i couldn’t use any type or designed text from other sources.

In short, I’m screwed

But it came much more easier than I expected when find letters in unknown places. Knowing that i couldn’t travel far or waste any time, I decided to use ordinary objects around campus. The search for the “A”,”C”,”D”,”E” and “F” all came from within a five to ten mile radius with my dorm room smack dab in the epicenter, but of course it came with its bumps and swerves. That being said, I couldn’t find the “B” in time and all my images for that letter were either in low-definition with Photoshop or just plain blurry or atrocious in quality. For that I alerted the group who kept in touch by sending their own pics and giving out opinions at the same time by text.  One of them had taken a picture of their dashboard that looked similar to “B”. Crisis averted.

During class, the rest of the group came together for progress report for the rest of the day. Only to find out on of my letters,”C”, was all scattered pixels therefore the image was unrecognizable. I had to take it over again which I did before the first five minutes of class started. Hooray.


The end result was to have a full twenty-six letters with four symbols included by Monday afternoon. my group was third to go and ended with mixed but favorable reviews with a couple of suggestions for the professor himself. The main objective was to create a alphabet that was elaborate and had a flow to each letter made. Safe to say with a few tweaks to some images, the group successfully accomplished the goal.


Out-Of-City Careers

Want something concrete?

Did you or plan to graduate from fine and preforming arts?

Or wanna leave home to venture out to further your studies in graphic design and beyond?

I do (all of the above for that matter.).

If you’re feeling the same, the Design Observers have a plethora of design careers and jobs for you to choose from.

Typography for Designers-Alice Savoie

Typography for Designers-Alice Savoie

I visited one typographer’s site for a reference on what to expect from the class. Ironically, that site was the first on the list so what the heck?

At, Savoie designed a couple of typefaces from previous and current works. To me, all of them were great and all, but there was on that immediately caught my eye.

Two words: Fred Fredburger


“The Fred Fredburger family was conceived by Monotype as a custom design for the identity of a children’s TV channel. Conceived to be fun, friendly and adventurous, Fred Fredburger is a distinctive family of five styles. The Headline versions are conceived to be visually striking and appealing to children, while the Roman, Bold and Condensed weights are a touch quieter in order to be comfortable to read at text sizes. All five weights are also designed to work harmoniously across five different scripts: Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew (designed by Alice Savoie) and Arabic (designed by Patrick Giasson).”

My Description

I guess this brought out the child in me when i first looked at it. And judging by the amount of typefaces use to create it i like the end result. It’s easily recognizable with other logos and types like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network for example. I also like the headline shadow and headline black style because it makes it pop out and grab your attention like most most title cartoons themselves should do.

Not only do I love this typeface, but would definitely use it for future projects and assignments.


Introduction and Class Mission Statement


Hello, I’m Marcel Smith and I’m currently a third year student at Wayne with a major in Graphic Design. I fell in love with the course from an early age of eight when I made my first comic strip for my family. My grandma still has that strip along with the written script and rough draft at her house. I took it as an accomplishment and wanted to see how far I wanted to take it. It soon escalated to full size books to creating my own characters to creating my own “brand” for the family. And now I find myself in high school then on to college trying to graduate on the one thing I love. I guess that’s what been driving me for the last thirteen years: to create something that everyone likes and what I can be proud of.

My favorite things are generic.

I love pizza, Netflix, money, Canada, architecture design and Nike

P.S- my favorite typeface/font is phosphorus inline and solid.


1. What do you hope to learn in Typography?

I wish to learn how manipulate or a certain typeface that can be beneficial in my line of work which is illustrations, advertising or comics.

2. What are your goals for Type 1?

To be able to pass the class (obviously!) and also to escape with something the professor taught me.

3. What do you plan to achieve your goals?

Anything that’s necessary to complete the task. (I.e. ask help from teacher or classmates, YouTube tutorials, etc.)